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Machine bracket-milling 6M13P 1968
In stock 
60000 UAH
We do not sell used equipment - machines knee-type milling 6M13P 1968, in working condition. Specifications: 6m13p model machines are designed to perform a variety of milling operations in terms of both individual and mass production. Machine size:length 2565;width 2135;height mm 2235;Machine...
Group: Milling machines
Expanded metal sheet
Custom order, 10 days | Wholesale and retail 
17400 UAH
Expanded metal sheet Application of expanded metal sheets: production of floorings and stairway stairs; variety of safety fences according to the requirements of Handling and Safety Advice; sealing of inspection and vent windows of machines, appliances, agricultural machinery; manufacturing of...
Group: Plates perforated-extraction (PVL)
Fence Road metallic barrier type, groups of 11-to 11-DD and 11-MO.
In stock 
Metal road safety barriers LLC "RIN LTD" produces metal road safety barriers according to TU U-V.2.3. 28.7-13625948-003: 2010 taking into account the requirements of GOST 26804-86, DSTU B V.2.3-12-2004, DSTU B B.2.3 -28: 2011. Road safety barriers are supplied as in standard sections,...
Group: Enclosure of barrier type for roads and bridges
Jig-boring machine 2A450
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
70000 UAH
            metal factory in connection with the renewal of the fleet of machinery and equipment, selling Jig boring machine 2A450. Working surface 1100x630 mm The largest table travel, mm: longitudinal 1000 cross 630 The distance from the spindle face to the table...
Group: Boring machines
Eurocontainers for collecting solid waste (municipal solid waste)
In stock 
Metal containers One of the key activities of "RIN LTD" at the moment is the manufacturing of metal containers. The main types of metal containers produced by our company are as follows: enclosed containers mesh containers pallets containers containers for solid waste metal cassettes for gas...
Group: Containers for rubbish
The machine is universal cylindrical 3K12 and 3A130
In stock 
35000 UAH
  Sale of metalworking equipment.   In connection with the renewal of the fleet of the metalcutting equipment, the company put up for sale Cylindrical grinding machine   - 3K12 (mechanical part of the whole work, electrics and hydraulics to be restored), the price 35000.00 UAH.   -3A130 in...
Group: Grinding machines for metal
Laser cutting of sheet metal.
Not available 
20 UAH
                     Metalwork Plant LLC "RIN Ltd" offers laser cutting and artistic cutting of sheet metal on modern laser machine with the latest generation machines. The latest equipment and qualified specialists to help in the shortest possible time and with high precision to execute...
Group: Machine tools for laser cutting
Container transport
Custom order, 30 days 
Container for transporting various products.     The type and optional coating may be either colored or covered with zinc.   Organization: OOO RIN LTD     Ukraine Zaporozhye 38 (061) 212 - 82 - 99, 212 - 82 - 99, 212 - 83 - 00 050 - 341 - 89 - 18 info@rinmetal. com. ua...
Group: Rigid transport packaging
Mine counter. Profile SVP 27.
In stock | Only wholesale 
  • 18000 UAH/t.  - from 2 t.
Minimum order cost: 36 000.00 UAH
Sell profile (rack shaft) SVP 27 (TU U DP14-2-1243-2000). In the presence of 3 m and 12 m.     Organization: OOO RIN LTD   Ukraine Zaporozhye  38 (061) 212-82-99, 212-82-99, 212-83-00 050-341-89-18  
Group: Mine racks
Expanded metal sheet
Custom order, 15 days | Only wholesale 
  • 16050 UAH/t.  - from 5 t.
Minimum order cost: 80 250.00 UAH
 Production of expanded metal sheets (PVL). The thickness of from 3 to 6 mm, the width of 500 - 1250 mm and the length of 2000 - 3500 mm.     Scope expanded metal sheets: for the manufacture of floorings and steps stairway; for a variety of protections for TB requirements; to seal...
Group: Plates perforated-extraction (PVL)
Expanded metal
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Price from:
19.2 UAH
  • 18 UAH/kg.  - from 500 kg.
Переводчик Expanded metal purchase in Zaporozhye We produce expanded metal 3 - 5 mm, width from 500 to 1250 mm. Shipment of machinery and wagon loads. RIN LTD LLC manufactures platform and steps made of expanded metal: 600h240, 600h270, 700h240, 700h270, 800h240, 800h270, 1000h240, 1000h270 and...
Group: Grids cut-drawn
Metallic travelling protections of barrier type
Custom order, 25 days 
Production of structural elements of travelling protection: SB, SD, KA, KZH, KR, SEE, SK, SDD, ES, EK. Production of travelling protection of groups of 11DO, 11DD and bridge protection of 11MO of barrier type, coverage the hot zincing, soil. Organization : LTD. of RIN LTD Oleg Igorevich Ukraine...
Group: Safety fences, barrier-type
Custom order, 30 days 
mesh containers Metal mesh containers are used for transport and storage of a large weight. Due to its design and characteristics of metal containers are a universal solution for the storage of very different products, such as packaged or loose. The high strength of the container structure allows...
Group: Containers composite
Containers according to customer drawings.
Custom order, 30 days 
Container according to plan, with any coated or uncoated.     Organization: OOO RIN LTD     Ukraine Zaporozhye  38 (061) 212 - 82 - 99, 212 - 82 - 99, 212 - 83 - 00 050 - 341 - 89 - 18 info@rinmetal. com. ua www. rinmetal. com. ua  
Group: Containers
Containers for transporting gas cylinders
Custom order, 20 days 
LLC "RIN LTD" offers galvanized metal container for storage and transport cylinders own production weighing 112kg (capacity up to 1500kg) and 99kg (capacity up to 800 kg, with dimensions: . Width 850 mm, length 1100mm and height 1100mm There discount when obemah. Terms of delivery: EXW warehouse...
Group: Containers for transportation of gas ballons


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