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Universal product packaging (Ukraine)

Boxes for wiffetss
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Tara is metallic for packing - case - piece loads, sinker, for wiffetss. Tara is metallic (sectional) for shaving (wastes). Containers are reticulated, protections for evropallet. Container under hard domestic wastes. Tara is made on the drafts of customer. Organization : LTD. of RIN LTD Oleg...
Group: Boxes for metalware
Packaging metal - production
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Container metal for piece cargoes, box, hardware. Packaging metal (sectional) chip (waste). Containers mesh, fencing for pallets. The container for solid waste. Packaging is made according to customer drawings. Organization: RIN LTD LLC Contact person: Oleg I. Ukraine Zaporozhye (0612) 128 - 298,...
Group: Containers for nonfood products
Capacities indusrial
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Group: Capacities indusrial


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